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Deprecating LJ

Since everyone that I was aware of actually reading my LJ is now on Facebook, I’m going to stop using LJ to post. I had been using LoudTwitter to ship my tweets, but again, since everyone I know that read this Journal either reads Twitter or FB, I find no need to keep that up either.

If I do feel compelled to do more long form writing, I’ll likely do it on my Windows Live Space (http://kathdem.spaces.live.com/). Else pithy and brief tweets/status updates seem to work for me most of the time these days.

For those of you who I actually know who still write in LJ, I am reading your posts from time to time.

There’s a reason (in addition to his actual personality) why Obama always appears cool, calm, and collected. He simply cannot appear as the “angry black man” and have *any* chance of getting elected. If the Dem nominee was Mr. T, or even Bernie Mac or Chris Rock,  or any rap/hip hop artists or, heck, even Richard Pryor or Muhammad Ali, he would stand absolutely no chance at all. Middle America, whoever they are are, if he appears at all militant, angry, or resentful, would reject him out of hand.

So, get over the fact that he does not “attack” his opponent. If we are going to see change in this country, and going to get some diversity in the Whitehouse – ever- we have to start with a “black” man who is a cool cat.

Our dear friend, who happens to be black, knows that he must make sure that all of his shirts are ironed and that he always looks immaculate, because he was taught if he goes out looking any less so, that he will be judged far more harshly than a white man.

This is the reality. McCain is allowed to be an angry white man because, well, we’ve all grown up with angry white men of his generation our whole lives. However, people don’t cross to the other side of the street when McCain is on the sidewalk. If Obama got as pissed off as he should be, he would have never gotten as far as he has.

So, here’s the thing – Obama is this guy – and you know, you totally want this guy running your ship:



Moda no more

Welp, this week, we got some disappointing news. We are no longer going to be owners of a Pied-à-terre in downtown Seattle. Two years ago, we put a 5% deposit on a small (very small) condo that was to be built just a block away from Tula's where the Sweetie plays all the time.

Two years ago I was in NJ when Phil sent me a link to an article about the project, and it seemed a perfect answer to our plight, which is, we love living in the country (30 miles away from Seattle), but Phil plays and I sing so often there that it made sense to have somewhere to crash. So, we put down our deposit, and we awaited the day we would take possession.

But it was not to be...this week we got notification that so many people had pulled out of buying their condos that they have decided to turn the building (which is almost finished) into apartments instead.

I am bereft. No seriously, you don't know how much I hate hauling my ass back and forth to Seattle in the middle of the night. Just tonight, I got off the phone with Phil and he's waiting in a ferry line and he won't be back home until after 1.

The good news is, of course, that we won't have yet another mortgage (on top of our house and the investment properties) to pay, so that's a good thing. Also, *I* wrote the check for the deposit, so perhaps I'll buy myself a nice 40th birthday present.

In other news...I got the part of Jack's Mother in "Into the Woods," so I will be in theater heaven/hell for the next few months. No really, I'm so happy to be doing this. Musicals are my true love. However, even in this week of first read through, I sang in a recording session for the SCC. Someone decided that we needed to re-record the "Songs of Hâfez" that we originally performed this April. As I had a (small) solo, it was a bit of a nervewracking experience, but I think it all turned out OK.

Work continues to alternate between great and draining, but I am especially grateful for the fact that I now have contacts all over the world as I view the Olympic procession this evening. I can, here, in my 40th year, finally say "yeah, I know someone in that country," for quite a few of the countries, and now it all means more to me than it used to. Of course, I don't prepare by reading what the uniforms for the US will be in Good Housekeeping as I used to when I used to have time to read all my mother's magazines, but I'm awed nonetheless.

Hot and Cold

This has been a week to remember, or not, I guess, depending on how you look at it.

I had a blessedly slow week as far as work is concerned, although, that sucking sound you hear is my will to live being pulled out of me because the few meetings I did have got moved because, well, people don’t consider me important I guess, and they are unable to manage their own calendars or keep their appointments. So, what this all means is that this coming week is shaping up to be quite hellish. On Thursday, for instance, my calls start at 7 AM and don’t end until 5 PM.

My biggest stressor this week besides work was preparing for an audition. The Microsoft Theater Troupe is performing Into the Woods in October, and as musicals are my true love, I figured I’d try out. I hate auditions, but I did get it over with. I was less worried about the song than I was about the monologue, since I don’t have one readily prepared. I figured out that I’d do a monologue that I had done 21 (!) years ago, because it was short, to the point, and I could do it in different character voices. I ended up doing a Valley Girl – even though I’m not exactly convinced that Valley Girls still exist.

Thursday, as I was preparing, the fire  trucks showed up here, and it so happened, one of my neighbor’s houses burned down. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I don’t know this person, but since the ash from this person’s house landed on mine, I feel as if I should.

Saturday, the Sweetie played “The Bite of Seattle,” which, with this weeks absolutely perfect weather, was wonderful.

However, we woke up this morning with no hot water. So, we have to figure out what to do about that, which should be fun. I do feel blessed that it’s summer and not the middle of winter.

“You’re a legend”

Work’s been a bit of a challenge lately, both in the quantity of people with whom I’m working, and also with the kinds of questions they ask. First of all, the rush of people has proven a challenge to my calendaring skills, which are, well, impressive, usually. However, I’ve missed people, mis-scheduled people, and in general, screwed up a couple of times, and this disturbs me.

Second, as someone who doesn’t really understand when others don’t “get” basic computer usage concepts, I’m continually surprised at what surprises other people. I mean, I have a BA in Psychology for crying out loud – nobody taught me this stuff, I just get it. I wish I could be more specific, but I fear that the nature of stuff I could write about could potentially be at least geek newsworthy, so I won’t.

In any case, I spent my entire career at “the software giant” always fearing that I was nowhere near technical enough. Indeed compared to developers and people who live and breathe code, I am not technical. I shudder when other people label me as “technical” because having worked with folks who developed DOS, for crying out loud, I am under no illusions that I am, in fact, “technical.”

So, currently I’m having a “technical” problem with playback of MPEG4 files in Zune software. I contacted

  about this problem, because he is one of the dev Gods I worked with over the years. In the course of the conversation, I was perusing his incredibly useful WMP FAQ, and realized, happily, that he still includes a reference to me. I mentioned this to him and he replied that I’m “a legend,” which I know is tongue-in-cheek, but made me feel good nonetheless. It’s good to know that work I’ve done has made a difference, however small and silly.

Voice Post:

94K 0:31
“Hello Live Journal! In one of the most remarkable facets of the northwest, I'm on a Jazz cruise -- you can probably hear my husband playing in the background -- and it is after 10:00 and I can still see daylight here on the Summer Solstice. So I live in a beautiful place, I'm on a beautiful boat, I have a beautiful life and I thought I would share it with all of you. Have a wonderful summer”

Transcribed by: kathdem

My friend, the Doctor, sent this article (with a bit of snark on his part since being from Brooklyn means looking down your nose at anyone from New Jersey), and it just tickles me. Truly, as those of us from New Jersey know, these questions about North vs. South Jersey are largely unanswerable, and yet can start a heated discussion amongst those of us who care. As a daughter of New Jersey, one who can trace her lineage back more than 300 years in the state, there is no such thing for me as just being from North or South Jersey, and I  resent the efforts, usually on the part of my college classmates, to refer to me as being from South Jersey. Although I do enjoy a good WaWa - doesn't everyone? :-)

He seeks to determine just where North Jersey becomes South Jersey | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/06/2008


Potentially Free Weeknights

Mom and me at the Auction  We had another successful auction on May 10. Because I was responsible for 11 guests this year, I actually ended up sitting at a separate table from my guests, but we were hosted by the lovely Jason and Brian, who took some great pictures.  Yes, that's me, with feathers in my hair. I bought the gown on Ebay, had the jewelry custom made, and was honored to have my friend Cindy do my hair. Rio baby!!

My mom, who visited to help with, attend, and help me pick up the pieces afterwards, also had a good time, and in a fit of crazy generosity, bought for us the "SCC Wine Cellar." Every year, the members of the SCC donate various and sundry bottles of wine which get packaged together for one lucky bidder. This year, it was about 78 bottles (!) of all types. Last weekend, mom and the Sweetie spent most of Saturday cleaning the garage so we could store all bottles.  Now, if you invite me to a party, you know what you're getting as a host(ess) gift. You'd better like wine!Me and the sweetie at the auction

Now I find myself with free(er) weeknights. I have a few more obligations. I need to send personal thank yous to my guests (I'm in process on that), and as administrative chair, I also need to print/prepare all the thank you letters for all donors and attendees. Once I get that done, my days will consist of work and my personal life...hard to believe, really.

The Demaree wine "cellar" I'm debating not singing in the Christmas concert this year. Last year, we did not do a Christmas concert, and I actually found December to be somewhat enjoyable. Also, not rehearsing/participating in a concert in the Fall will mean that I could potentially audition for the MS Theater Troupe show for the Fall (whatever that turns out to be). In expectation of that, I hope to get serious about my voice lessons for the summer.

Our friends Dave and Rita were the lucky bidders on a week in Greece at the auction, and they generously have invited us to join them. So, we may find ourselves in Greece for a week in July, followed by a weekend in Boulder in August, and then 10 days (or so) in NJ in October. October will be my 40th birthday, and while I had visions of a real getaway, my cousin has decided to get married during that time, so instead, we will be celebrating my 40th where it all began. I return to the motherland to give honor and praise to the land that bore me. Or something.

Speaking of 40, on Mom's last day in town, we went to the Zoo, where we saw, amongst others, the orangutans that also were born in 1968. Chins up twins! They say 40 is the new 30. Or something.


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We is beeyootiful??


It's finally happened...an event with which I'm associated is referred to as having "beautiful people." Hah! The Seattle Choral Company Auction (for which I'm the administrative chair) is referred to in the blog entry below, although funnily enough there are no actual pictures of our event. Just as well - we singers like to eat :-).


Beautiful people and where to find them....


Related to Obama?

My father, who spends crazy amounts of time working on genealogy, stumbled across this site, which seems to indicate that Senator Obama and I are distant cousins (down in the 6 thousands or 7 thousands lines). Of course, my husband and I are also distant cousins (through the very same original settler), and I'm likely related to each and every reader of this blog in some crazy fashion.

Geez, now that he's family, that means I can get really ticked off at him, right?